Αποτελέσματα Αναζήτησης


Any business that meets the following criteria can become a member of CITEA:

  • Is registered in the Registry of Companies of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Engages in activities related to the field of Information Technology such as:
    • Security
    • Distribution
    • Training
    • Business Software (ERP, CRM, HRMS, etc.)
    • Data Centers
    • Software
    • Advisory/Consulting Services
    • Hardware & Network Infrastructure
    • Systems Integration/Turnkey Solutions
    • IT Services
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Managed Services, etc.


Membership fees for CITEA are determined based on the size of the company and divided into three categories: Startup, Business, and Sustaining.


The Startup category includes companies with up to 10 employees that have been registered in the Registry of Companies of the Republic of Cyprus in the last three years. After three years of registration, membership will be automatically upgraded to either Business or Sustaining if the company grows to more than 60 employees.

The Business category includes companies with up to 60 employees.

The Sustaining category includes companies with more than 60 employees or international companies.

Each category entails specific fees and corresponding benefits as follows:

MEMBER CATEGORIES Startups (special) Startups (special) Startups (special)
Number of employees 1-10 1-60 >60 or International
Presence at CITEA events X X X
Listing in CITEA member directory on the website X X X
Email distribution list X X X
Discounts for events X X X
Submitting issues for discussion at the Board of Directors X X X
Participation in committees   X X
Special events (PR)     X
Enhanced visibility on the website     X
Number of participants in events 1 2 3
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE 350 euros 500 euros 1,000 euros

A company may request an upgrade to a higher membership level if desired, to enjoy additional benefits.